Brake calliper XTECH black for M365/PRO XIAOMI Electric scooter


Product features :
  • Model: HB-100
  • Color: black
  • Rotor:DECKAS 160MM/ G3160/180MM JDL120/140MM
  • Category: hydraulic line pull disc brake
  • Braking method: hydraulic piston two-way braking
  • Description: HB-100 uses a new hydraulic line pull clamp technology, what is: hydraulic line pull? The block of the HB-100 is
  • Equipped with built-in brake oil, and then the brake clamp is used to control the brake of the hydraulic clamp. The cylinder of
  • The clamp is built-in brake oil. It is a common oil disc clamp that is common in the market.

Type: Unknown Type