Dashboard Waterproof Black for G30 Max Ninebot Electric scooter



Dashboard Waterproof Black for G30 Max Ninebot

Bullet Points:

1、Put a protective film on your car, a silicone sleeve in the scooter, super waterproof, scratch protection, anti-scratch, anti-scratch, short circuit
2、The visual panel, the visible area of the central control panel is specially thinned, and does not hinder the use of the digital panel.
3、The surrounding silicone is thickened, anti-bump, soft edge, easy to remove and scratch-resistant
4、Adhesive fixing, will not fall off, don't worry about falling off during riding
5、Easy Installation: Just adhere it to the dashboard circuit board with adhesive in the package.

Installation Notes:

Step 1: Tear one side of the double-sided tape
Step 2: Tightly attached around the switch panel
Step 3: Tear to open the other side of the adhesive tape
Step 4: Put the silicone protective cover on the central control panel and pinch it on all sides.